Mumfie outside of his house
  • Species: Elephant
  • Skin color: White-grey

"Yes, I am lucky. Every one of my friends is that special someone."

- Mumfie, talking about his friends in Mumfie's Quest

Mumfie is the main protagonist of the animated series Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie.


In Mumfie's QuestEdit

Mumfie is a young elephant who lives in the woods by himself with no family. Every morning he would run to his letter box in search of an adventure tied up in a parcel. After thinking that adventures don't come this way, he decided to go on an adventure himself, meeting many friends.

In Magic Adventures of MumfieEdit

Mumfie is a spirited young elephant who loves having fun and going on adventures with his friends. He often visits them and has them come over to his house. When he can't go on an adventure, he either spends the day indoors or has guests who change his plans over. He is fearless and likes going outside. He also likes helping other animals in the wild. For example, in Regining Cats and Dogs he helped take care of Spike, a lost puppy, until his owner found him, and in Mumfie's White Christmas, he nurtured the snowbird back to health. His favorite foods are mashed potatoes, mashed banana pancakes, and apples.

Galley Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mumfie had a grown-up voice even though he looks and has a childish personality
  • Most of his activities involves his trunk rather than his "hands", or forelimbs
  • His parents or other relatives were not seen during the entire series
  • Even for a large appetite, he can still run into trouble after having too much food.