"Let Off Steam" is a song from Mumfie's White Christmas sung by the Electric Eels.


Every now and then you need a little friction

To raise the temperature, and make it climb

The problem may be huge, but it you act like Mr. Scrooge

You can melt the ice and have a real hot time!

Don't want no white Christmas, don't want no icy trails

Don't want the thrill of Jack Frost nipping at our tails

One-horse-open sleigh rides play no part in our scheme

We're gonna turn the heat up and...let off steam!

No Christmas card list, no stocking to hang, from traditions we're keeping aloof

Don't try to tuck us up snug in our beds, 'cause we're cats on a hot tinsel roof!

(Hot tinsel roof!)

Pump up that loud music, we're gonna rave all night

(Rave all night!)

Don't light no candles near us-don't you know we're dynamite?

Make sure you're fireproof before you join our team

We're gonna turn the heat up, sit back and put your feet up

We're gonna turn the heat up and...let off steam!

Use in the specialEdit

In Mumfie's White Christmas, the gang can't move any further due to a glacier blocking their way. When all hope is lost, the eels come to save them by singing this song to generate electricity to make themselves angry.


  • The song refrences the titlular character of "A Christmas Carol", Ebeneezer Scrooge.
  • The only Eel song where the other Eels sing.