I Must Have My Night is a cut song from the Mumfie's Quest arc of the series.


When my rules and authorities opposed on fools

From tomorrow, you'll see such a change,

Not for better, but for worse!

(That's how I like it!)


Once begun, I’ll astound you, I’ll destroy the sun,

Make the world around you rich and strange

It’s a blessing, not a curse!


Imagine a world where the day never broke

You would live by the light of the moon

Without any sun there’d be no need for clocks,

With darkness at midnight and noon


No one would know when it’s time to go beddy-bye

This sight I’ll do out of spite

You know what they say,

Each dog has his day,

But I…must have my night!


When sunlight has been banished

Every color bright will have vanished

Leaving only shades and varieties of grey

(My favorite color)


Best to assume

An existence full of doom will loom

A resistance to be fades away

When I obliterate the day


Nice flying moths scare away all the butterflies

Spiders and toads multiply

Rude owls will screech

Day in and day out

And wide-awake bats fill the sky


Starved of the sun, every fruit, flower and vegetable

Suffers from mildew and blight

You know what they say

An apple a day

But I…must have my night!


When I make night last forever

I’ll achieve my greatest goal

For the night will reflect like a mirror,

The darkness in my soul!

No growing cockerels will wake the darn chorus

A forest of mushrooms will sprout

Glowworms will glow, fireflies will flame

Until the fools burn themselves out


Long legged beasties creep out of the shadows

One glimpse and your hair will turn white

You know what they say…

Perish the day

No one dare stop me or stand in my way

For I…must have my night!


  • Although this song was cut, it still appears on the CD of the movie.