Mumfie and Bristle in the bottle room "The Secretary's collection is long overdue for a dusting. Get to it!"
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Bristle's Holiday is a episode of the "Magic Adventures of Mumfie" Series.


When Bristle works too hard, The Queen of Night orders him to take a holiday to have fun and relax. Bristle comes to Mumfie's house and ask Mumfie and Scarecrow on how to relax.


Fun FactsEdit


  • While Bristle was mopping the floor, one of his eyebrows changed into his skin color for a second.
  • After Bristle takes out his notepad, it changes into a green book in the next shot.
  • Bristle's whistle dissapears when he is lying in the hammock in one shot.


This episode is featured on the Mumfie's White Christmas DVD.